Job Evaluation in Future Job Architektures

Job Evaluation in Future Job Architektures

Authors: Ralf Hendrik Kleb and Nicole Fabig-Grychtol

Aligning the processes and methods of job evaluation to future job architectures.

Organizational development and job evaluation will be more in demand than ever before. But the roles, processes and methods of the organizers, job evaluators and HR managers will change significantly in the context of global, increasingly agile job architectures.

Content of the whitepaper:

  • Identification of the need for renewal of job architecture & job leveling
  • Further development & systematization of the job architecture
  • Evaluation, updating and completion of job evaluation criteria
  • Evaluation and modernization of scale constructs for job evaluation
  • Updating and optimizing data management in the context of job leveling
  • Evaluation and optimization of job leveling processes in an agile & digital context
  • Improve the customer experience and cost efficiency of different applications
  • Standardization, digitalization and integration of processes

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21. June 2019