We support our clients in dynamic growth, merger and restructuring phases.

Our clients are global players, large multinationals and hidden champions as well as medium-sized companies, public sector organizations and NGOs.

Our clients are all those who want to change something in their organization and who are looking forward to the future – whether in corporate, divisional or regional management, or in specialist areas such as operations, sales, IT and human resources.


As consultants, bridge builders, co-creators, coaches, interim managers or digital solutions providers, we contribute a broad spectrum of national and international line and project experience.


CHANGELEADERS provides innovative advisory and digital solutions on a wide variety of topics – always about change, development, renewal and shaping the future, and ultimately about some form of transformation.

We support strategy and mission statement processes in business model innovation and transformation.

  • Open vision
  • Business model innovation
  • Agile management with OKR
  • World class product management
  • Customer touchpoint management
  • B2B sales optimization
  • Internal sales optimization
  • Strategic HR audit

We support agile organizational development, modernize job architectures and implement job family concepts with new role and career models as well as agile forms of cooperation.

  • Job architecture design
  • Job catalogue optimization
  • Job family concept design
  • Job leveling innovation
  • Agile organizational development with OKR
  • Restructuring & Transformation
  • Internal HR audit
  • HR risk management

We design personnel work, create a positive employee and customer experience and accompany managers and teams even in difficult change processes.

  • Leadership effectiveness
  • Leadership 4.0 with OKR
  • Leadership 4.0 & OKR
  • Career architecture
  • Succession planning
  • Talent experience radar
  • Employee (career) journey
  • Candidate journey
  • Executive development
  • Management audit
  • Change agent qualification
  • Change coaching
  • My talent canvas

We combine competencies in communications, organizational development and technology. Our communications experts provide strategic communications consulting support and accompany change processes, mergers, restructurings and realignments in projects and as interim managers.

  • Change communication
  • Internal communication
  • HR communication

We support the development of digital visions, business models, strategies and skills as well as the development of digital leadership and culture. We coordinate and accompany the HR IT selection process on the basis of a target vision derived from the corporate strategy. Finally, we support the implementation as a link between the system user and the system implementer.

  • OKR software & tools
  • Gamification & enterprise gaming
  • Digital HR transformation
  • HR IT selection and implementation
  • HR goes cloud
  • HR Goes Cloud
  • Data protection (GDPR/EU-DSGVO)
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With changeleaders, executives and employees are at the center of digital transformation and agile organizational development.

Nicole Fabig-Grychtol
Co-Founder & Managing Partner, changeleaders
Ralf Kleb, Managing Partner Changeleaders

changeleaders – these are internationally experienced practice professionals and game changers with a great passion for innovation and the desire for a digital future.

Ralf Kleb
Co-Founder & Managing Partner, changeleaders

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