Rethinking Career Models

Rethinking Career Models

Authors: Nicole Fabig-Grychtol and Ralf Hendrik Kleb

In literature and practice, we find broad support for the goals and building blocks of hybrid career models – at the heading level. However, the complexity of designing modern career models is regularly underestimated. And at the level of detail, the ideas regarding needs and objectives often diverge.

In the context of digitalization and new work, previous needs and target visions are questioned. We recommend taking a pit stop to rethink the subject of “career”!

Content of the whitepaper:

  • Challenge: introduction of hybrid career models
  • Pit stop: evaluate route and results
  • Reset: back to needs and goals
  • Energizing: strategies and roadmap realigned
  • Sprints: with an agile drive back on the track

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19. June 2019