Career Models & New Work

Career Models & New Work

Authors: Nicole Fabig-Grychtol and Ralf Hendrik Kleb

Digitalization influences the way we live, how we communicate – and above all how we work. As certain professions disappear, new jobs emerge.

In the context of digitalization and new work, previous needs and objectives are being questioned.

Essential questions that companies should ask themselves:

  • What skills will we need in the future?
  • Which skills/jobs will no longer be needed?
  • Do we have the skills on board?
  • How can we develop the skills internally?
  • Which skills do we need to recruit externally?
  • What ideas do employees have about career and new work?
  • What do employees expect from us as an employer?
  • Is the HR department prepared to meet these challenges?

We recommend to rethink the topic “career”! To do this, the differences between the old and new worlds must be understood.

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21. June 2019