World-Class Product Management

Re-Defining the Product Management Function

Experiential approaches to make your product management world class.

Authors: Ralf Hendrik Kleb and Dr. Martin Möhrle

The product managers of the future need to think like the CEO of the product. They are the glue that bind many functions that touch product engineering, design, sales, marketing, operations, finance, legal, and others. Their role is expanding due to the growing importance of data analytics, an increased focus on customer experience design, and the evolution of product development processes and methods.

Many companies are either engeneering or sales driven. Their product managers are either technologists focusing on technological solutions or business-oriented maximizing specific sales metrics. While both archetypes might be equally successful in their business, many CEOs see the need to review and redesign their product management function in the light of our digital world.

Content of the Whitepaper:

  • As-Is Analysis
  • Best Practices Research
  • Sprint 1: Benchmark/evaluate present practices with identified best practices
  • Sprint 2: Sprint 2: Production of a new, creative, precise – possibly disruptive – but certainly innovative blueprint of a customized world-class PM
  • Final Sprint 3: Define measures for a broadly supported best of breed solution
  • Powerful Experiential Learning Program for Product Managers
  • Complete Strategic Marketing Experience Based on Lectures & Simulations (Markstrat)

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1. Januar 2020