Building Change-Capable Organisations

Building Change-Capable Organisations

Authors: Dr. Lily Cheng and Dr. Peter Cheng, Singapore

Our vision: Advancing organisations by equipping and transforming  people to realise shared aspirations and sustain  organisational effectiveness.

Our mission: We passionately develop, design and deliver innovative,  world-class OD solutions to people, leaders and  organisations that strive for excellence.

Leveraging the 9 Enablers of Change, we facilitate the successful implementation of change initiatives by equipping change leaders to be change-capable and to address the restraining and driving forces of change.

Content of the whitepaper:
  • How Change-Agile Are You?
  • The RealChange Framework
  • RealChange Solutions Overview
  • Content Enablers
  • Context Enablers
  • Process Enablers
  • RealChange Journey
  • Is RealChange For Me And My Organisation?
  • Return on Investment System

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7. März 2021