Beraterprofil: Beth Rudden


Beth Rudden
AI-based People Analytics

Beth is a global executive leader with 20+ years of IT and data science experience. Previously, in her roles as Chief Data Officer, Chief Data Scientist, and Global Talent Transformation Leader, Beth drove transformation for her clients through the design and delivery of scaled AI systems. She made innovation with analytics and AI into a 2B$ business and intends to show the world what it feels like to experience Trusted AI.

In 2023 she was recognized as one of the 100 most brilliant leaders in AI Ethics and has released her book AI for the Rest of Us.

Career Background: Cognitive Science and Trusted AI Leader for IBM, Distinguished Engineer for IBM, Chief Data Officer for IBM

  • CDO organizational blueprint and AI Strategy
  • Data and Information Governance
  • AI Ethics Governance and Strategy

  • Higher performance Data Science / ML teams
  • AI Organizational design
  • Well performing technical Data teams

  • AI driven talent and workforce transformation

  • One of the 100 most brilliant leaders and speakers in AI Ethics

  • Evidence based skill analysis
  • Data driven skills management & growth
  • Learning Experience Platforms, Learning Portals
  • Transformed global business as AI leader, enabling workforce upskilling and growth for IBM’s largest business unit
  • Established global market for ethical, human-augmented AI through international collaboration
  • Veteran speaker on AI ethics, human-centered design, and trustworthy AI implementation for global audiences
  • Pioneered first accredited global data science profession through the Open Group

  • CEO and Chairwoman of
  • Cognitive Science and Trusted AI Leader for IBM
  • Distinguished Engineer for IBM
  • Chief Data Officer for IBM
  • Senior Technical Staff Member for IBM
  • Senior IT Architect – Information Delivery for IBM
  • Technical Team Lead / Programmer for IBM

  • MA in Anthropology
  • BA in Classical Archeology (Greek and Latin)
  • Focus: Classical Archaeology – Etruscan
  • Universities: University of Denver, Florida State University


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