Increase the effectiveness and efficiency of the HR function.

Our HR Audit experts are typically faced with the following client’s objectives:

  • Analysis of processes and responsibilities in HR along the employee life cycle
  • Analysis of costs and the time required for the various processes
  • Identification of potentials for efficiency increase, standardization and digitalization
  • Identification of complexity and time drivers that can be eliminated
  • Reduction of HR administration time and elimination of non-value adding work
  • Development of concrete recommendations, operational measures and solution approaches, especially with regard to standardization, automation and digitization of the processes
  • Develop a change concept and roadmap to implement the defined measures

The CHANGELEADERS approach …

  • makes it possible to build a sufficiently accurate performance and process model easily and quickly;
  • integrates well with data available from ERP and CRM systems – making the concept more dynamic and less staff-intensive;
  • can also be carried out in the future, e.g. monthly/quarterly, in order to record the profitability of the most recent operations;
  • provides insight into process efficiency and capacity utilisation;
  • forecasts resource requirements and enables the company to budget resource capacity based on forecast work quantities and complexity;
  • enables fast and cost-effective model maintenance;
  • provides granular information to help users identify the root cause of problems;
  • can be used in any industry and in any company with complex customers, products, channels, segments and processes and a large number of employees;
  • is based on realistic estimates by managers and experts, rather than on employee surveys or other methods.

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4. Juni 2022